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What you looking at?

So, now what?! Finding yourself being looked at in certain, often times, negative ways. Not because you have something on your face, not because of your skin color or other common's because of how you act or at times, don't act. Mental health disorder/Illness has it's own look and that look, looks like no other. And those that don't have the disorder or personally know of someone who does and has no idea about what mental health consists of, we'll always (in my personal opinion) look like foreign visitors. The reality is that, no matter what, we will never look the same, walk the same, talk the same or react/respond to, or show mental health illness/disorder the same, and that too includes those without this disorder. We have to do more than just look, we need to see if there is any possible way that we can help each others, walk, talk and response/reaction to the disease/ disorder, so that we don't stay alienated, afraid to talk about it, afraid to be around others, to continue to suffer by ourselves and silently! We need to accept each other for what and who we are, not be so fast to judge or withdraw from someone based on the unknown, but instead, read their story, see them from the roots and NOT the surface. Believe it or not, in some ways we ALL look alike, whether you're looking or not. So, what you looking at?!

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