It's called Mental illness, no, i've not "gone crazy"!

Going crazy is the terminology I have heard for many of my years! If it's not that, then it's one of my favorites..."you're just being paranoid". Or wait, how about this one..."Just get over it already"! Whether it's us being told we think to much about things or us thinking the cliché "It's easier said than done" The truth is, no one is too blame for the interpretations one has if one hasn't been introduced to the reality of Mental Illness!

Mental Illness for me is when my mind is sick or not feeling well, just as any other part of the

body. For instance, when you have a headache, that means you feel an uneasy sensation in your head. Or if your stomach hurts, you could say that you have a tummy ache, gas, etc. Well, Mental Illness is nothing different in my book of experiences.

I was never taught about mental illness. So having experiences dealing with my mind, I couldn't understand what I was going through. I didn't have a terminology for that one. Nor was I able to put into words, the correct way to describe what I was feeling or the notion of why I was feeling it.

Through growing up enduring trauma, pain, abuse, abandonment, loss of loved one's and personal decisions that I made, intentionally or not, has all set me up on this path called "Mental disorder". Mental disorder is just simply another term for Mental illness! This disorder comes in different forms and for different reasons. While some people can go through the same exact things that I have or worse, doesn't necessarily mean that one will be affected in the same manner, if even at all! Combinations of what I had been through eventually came to one boiling halt, and ever since then...there was finally a word to put to my thoughts, feelings and behavior. And this for me was my clear introduction to my personal knowledge of Mental illness.

Being diagnosed with a mental disorder had changed me in every aspect of my life! I no longer recognized myself, I was a stranger to myself. I was going through the unimaginable. I was feeling ashamed at who I had become, afraid of what others would think of me, angry at the thought of going into this new life of the unknown, embarrassed for anyone to know the truth about who I was. BUT...I also learned how to become humbled, to not judge a person from the surface seen but look into the root of who a person was, read their story and grow stronger in empathy as well as sympathy! I would learn to overcome most of the hurdles thrown my way. I would be reshaped into someone incredible, indestructible. Growing in Knowledge, wisdom and understanding. I was now set on a path of being courageous enough to share my story, so that other's felt strong enough to share their story too!

Yes, at times we may be looked at, treated like, labeled as, or told that we are just plain crazy. That's because one does not understand. But together collectively, we can learn of one another, be informed of disorders, illnesses and diseases and discover the unknown. Together we can then lift each other up, share knowledge amongst each other, understand the complexity of one's mind and from there, support individuals and spread the message that we all yearn to hear, and the message is that "YOU ARE NOT ALONE"!

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