Hello, My name is Taisha Holloway. I am a 41-year-old woman. I am a single mother of 9 amazing kids, ranging in all ages from 24 years of age all the way down to my little one-year-old. I am coming from all walks of life, starting from abuse, trauma, failed dreams loss of hope, and horrible decision makings. However through my trials and tribulations, I was given a new perspective on life, and I have found my purpose, strength, courage, and the drive to continue forward! I found the funnier sides of life and a new appreciation for challenges, because as the saying goes, "what doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger". Every day I learn something new and I'm eager to share my experience with you all. I'm slowly but surely on my way to victory. I am on this journey called life, traveling through the complexities of this world, the complexities of my mind, the complexities of the unknown, and I am humbled to share this journey with you. I am inspired by the experiences that I have and continue to endure, in hopes that I too can help, relate, create and inspire others in all walks of their lives. I welcome your experiences, to be a listening ear, virtual shoulder to lean on and to cry on and laugh with, and to exchange our personal life stories, that will go far and wide across this world and it starts with just one person at a time!

I am a black-owned business and Entrepreneur. The name of my Entity is called Reality's OnPoint Enterprises, LLC. Before finding my purpose, I was an aspiring singer and my artist name was and still is Reality. I have chosen this name because it chose me first. Everything about me was and still is equivalent to my reality of life, through my personal experiences and teachings. My company is based on selling customized t-shirts and soon to come other apparels. Initially, my brand was called "Before the t-shirt" which simply means, before a person has to be put upon a person's t-shirt AFTER death to memorialize them, you would honor your loved ones or even recognize yourself while you're still kicking and alive! Because I wanted my brand to be universal, I changed the name to "While You're Still Here" Which pretty much explains itself. I believe people can relate more. It means, While you're still here, you can hear all the beautiful things one has to say to you and vice versa. I have a few other brands as well and I'm currently working on getting them created so that I can put them out for availability. Alongside my merchant. I am also starting my podcast show and also this website! My Podcast is a more entail version of my website. So please feel free to listen in! It's coming soon and I hope to see you there! It has been more than a pleasure introducing myself to you! Please feel free to do the same.